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We’ve all seen or heard of it! Zaful is everywhere these days, all over Instagram and Facebook. The only issue is, as cheap as it is – and as nice as the bikinis are, you’re always wondering whether or not its just another scam.  At £9 for a full bikini set, there must be a catch! So after thinking about it for a while, and reading / watching a few reviews (very mixed reviews), I decided to go for it and just see what happened. To be honest I really was fully preparing myself to have just wasted my money, but at that price, I couldn’t resist. So here’s my full review of Zaful, focusing on beachwear as I’ve not ordered any of their clothing. All items will be linked below.


The Zaful website is fairly easy to use and the interface is pretty straightforward – some of these cheap clothing companies can have really awful websites that are instantly off-putting. They also have an app which I found easier to use and actually ordered my items this way. There are tonnes and tonnes of bikinis to get through when you’re browsing which can be slightly frustrating as you don’t want to be scrolling for days but also don’t want to miss anything good. I’m not sure that I went through all the bikinis, but definitely managed to scroll through the majority and find at least 10 that I really liked.  The sizing of the beachwear is done as S/M/L rather than actual sizes so you need to be really careful as these do not seem to match with typical western sizing (for example a ‘Large’ comes under a size 10 in the size chart). The sizing is also different for each bikini so you need to make sure to check the size chart for each product and unfortunately if you’re anything above a UK 12, there may not be many options available. In the end I ordered 5 bikinis, a circular beach throw and a pair of sunglasses – all for just under £50 I believe. So it’s definitely very cheap; there aren’t many other places you’d be able to buy that amount, for so little money.


The delivery was slightly confusing. The website stated that my items would arrive 18-21 days after my purchase, which is quite a long time but the products are coming from China (I believe) so it’s fair enough. However, my items weren’t dispatched for a few days so I wasn’t sure whether or not the delivery time stated was 18 days after ordering or after dispatch. Anyway, in the end my items arrived before I was due to go on holiday (and within the specified time frame) so I was pretty happy with that. I’d recommend ordering well in advance so you don’t end up stressed that they wont arrive in time. The only issue is, they don’t dispatch all your items together and one of the bikinis I ordered, which was sent out after the rest, I’m still yet to receive – I’m hoping it will be waiting for me when I get back to London. I heard of a few other people who had similar experiences and many of them didn’t end up receiving all of their purchased items which is a bit worrying. I’ve also heard of a few people who ordered from the UK, and  had to pay an import tax on top of the payment for their items. I haven’t yet received a bill for this and I managed to get my items without making this payment, so I’m just hoping that maybe I didn’t order enough to have to pay tax.


I was a bit skeptical when my items arrived, but genuinely I was shocked and so excited with what I received. All the bikinis looked really good and I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging too – each item comes individually wrapped in branded Zaful bags. These bikinis are actually really nice – not the type of thing you’d generally be able to find in high street stores. I couldn’t believe that, for what I’d paid, I’d actually got some really great items! The colours are gorgeous! I love the palm leaf print they do – it comes on the bikinis as well as one pieces. The sets with mixed designs (like this one below) are really pretty too!

The styles of the bikinis I bought are all quite similar, with U shaped necklines on the tops, and high cut bottoms. The bottoms are definitely as cheeky as people say they are. So as long as you don’t mind exposing a bit of bum, its not too bad (and good for tanning the cheeks). You could always go up a size too as these pieces do come out slightly small. The tops are also cut away quite a bit at the sides which I really like (if you have boobs this would create some pretty good side boob action). I LOVE this baby blue one – it’s one of the first you see on the website and definitely a good buy. The material of this piece is slightly thicker too and feels like good quality. The only problem with pale coloured bikinis is they get dirty quickly, especially on beaches – mine was quickly discoloured after lying on the sand while swimming, but I’m hoping it comes clean in the wash!

Some of the quality of the bikinis is questionable, for example one of the straps on the baby blue one is twisted and has been sewn on this way so there’s no hope of straightening it out – which is slightly annoying but bearable. Also there’s a random bit of stitching on the front of the plain pink one (above) which is a bit odd. But in general I just have to remind myself of the price I paid for these items, and for less than £10 for a bikini set, this is definitely a bargain. I’d recommend taking out the padding on the tops though as they’re really small and it generally just looks better with them removed. This pink one is slightly small for me (even though the size chart said it should fit a UK 10), but it doesn’t stop me wearing it – I think the colour is really pretty.

I love this circular beach throw – I’m sure you’ve seen them all over Instagram. I was surprised with the material when it arrived as it’s very thin. You wouldn’t really be able to use this as much of a towel but to sit/lie on, it looks really pretty – they have so many different patterns too, it was really hard to pick just one. If the sand is super hot you’ll be able to feel it through, this is the only issue, but I still really like it.

My Favourite, by far, has to be this bright pink piece with green leaf detailing. The top has a dipped back in the same shape as the front and I just love the colour and print of the material. The top is slightly too big for me but it doesn’t bother me too much. This is one thing to mention though, the majority of these bikinis can only be bought as a full set so if you’re anything like me, and slightly pear shaped, you may end up with either the bottoms being slightly too small, or the top being a bit loose. But this wasn’t much of an issue – just something to bear in mind.

The Final Thoughts

As long as you can overlook a few quality issues, I really don’t regret ordering off Zaful. At less than half the price of your average high street bikini set, it’s really a bargain. And the bikinis themselves are really nice. I’d say stick to swimwear and accessories with this website and you shouldn’t go too wrong. Make sure to double check size charts and slightly size up if you can and they should fit fine – after all, it is swimwear which is stretchy. Most of the tops are adjustable too so can be tweaked if need be. The designs and materials of these bikinis are super nice and on trend with current styles. After wearing all of these bikinis for a week, I really love all of them and would definitely order from Zaful again!

Shop the items:

Pink leaf print bikini

Baby blue bikini

Blush pink bikini

Mix and match palm leaf / baby pink bikini set

Blue circular beach throw

Make sure to let me know what you thought, and any of your experiences with Zaful, in the comment section below!

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