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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag


I’ve always had a mental bucket list of travel destinations I’m keen to visit over the coming years. So why not make it official. I could create a never-ending list but I thought I’d start with the first 10 places that come to mind when I think of dream travel destinations. Here’s just a few of the many places I’d love to explore. (All pictures are from Pinterest)

10 ~ Arizona national parks

I’ve never been so keen to visit North America – the cities anyway. But there’s one thing that really makes me excited to one day go, and that’s the amazing national parks. There are so many national parks in the States – 58 to be precise, however if I had to pick a state to visit it would be Arizona. Throughout the incredible landscape, there are three national parks as well as four national monuments. The infamous Grand Canyon and Monument Valley national parks would, of course, be a must see for me! The antelope canyon in particular looks incredible; it was recently featured in the latest series of Planet Earth (pictured above)!

9 ~ Peru

One look at the rainbow hills (or Vinicunca) and I was sold! Peru, or even South America in general, is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. My original plan was to travel to South America last year; until the very last minute when I booked flights to South East Asia instead. This is such an intriguing part of the world. The trek to the rainbow mountains is a tough one (or so I’ve read) but it just looks incredible and I’m sure it wouldn’t be regretted! It would of course be impossible to visit Peru without visiting the new Seventh Wonder (Machu Picchu), however Vinicunca would definitely be another must-see! I found a great blog by Anna Everywhere all about the rainbow mountain and the best ways to explore it. Read more about this awesome place here.

Lake Titicaca – The Birthplace of the Sun. Running along the boarder to Bolivia, this is South America’s largest lake and is surrounded by colourful towns, rich in culture and history. Read more about this sacred lake here.

8 ~ Zhangjiajie National Park

China’s first National Forest Park easily makes my bucket list.  Zhangjiajie lies within the country’s Wulingyuan Scenic Area and is part of the UNESCO Global Geo Parks network. The landscape here looks like a tropical alien paradise and was supposedly inspiration for Avatar’s Hallelujah floating mountains. The glass bottomed viewing platforms really add an edge to this Park despite the closure of the famous Glass Bridge, which was the largest of its kind in the world.

7 ~ Ecuador

There are so many aspects of Ecuador that would be incredible to see first-hand, one of which being, the beautiful water filled caldera – Quilotoa Lake (below). I may be a stereotypical geography student, but I love volcanoes just a little bit too much, and this section of the Andes looks insane! Not to mention the Galapagos islands and all they have to offer too!


6 ~ Bolivia

Another country filled with natural wonders. Particularly, the beautiful Leguna Verde, or volcanic Salt Lake, located in the south of the Country, known for its crystal green waters, and of course the infamous salt lake flamingos. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Bolivia is the vast salt flats and incredible reflection photography captured on these high-altitude plains. Read more about beautiful Bolivia here (I love The Lonely Planet).

5 ~ Pai

Located in the northern region of Thailand, Pai is said to be a peaceful haven in the hills, away from the craziness of Bangkok. There are so many reasons why Pai makes my bucket list, besides high praise from people I know who have been there. Quirky hostels, waterfalls, caves and endless hikes in the hills – to name a few. Very pleased to be crossing this one off the list very soon!

4 ~ The Philippines

This hardly needs explaining. The thousands of islands that make up The Philippines, are stunning. Boasting perfect beaches, crystal waters, colourful markets and Southeast Asian cuisine. This is definitely one for the list. Not to mention you can swim with whale sharks of course! The chocolate hills (bellow) are also located in The Philippines – in Bohol. This geological wonder is something I have always wanted to see as it just looks incredible. There are issues, unfortunately, with increasing poverty, pollution and political instability which cannot being ignored, but The Philippines remains a beautiful Asian gem that I’d be very keen to visit one day.

3 ~ New Zealand

Perhaps the furthest I could ever get from England! New Zealand has always been pretty high on my bucket list of travel destinations. Last year I rented a camper van and drove through Western Australia with my cousin. This is exactly the kind of beach side road trip I would plan for New Zealand. From exquisite beaches, to mountains and lakes, there are so many beautiful places to explore and I can’t think of a better way to explore them.

2 ~ Iceland

As I’ve already mentioned I love volcanoes so Iceland is (along with Hawaii), one of my must-see travel destinations – especially as most of them are active! There are loads of hikes you can do through volcanic regions and between glaciers. Not forgetting the hot springs of The Blue Lagoon. The landscape here just looks amazing – and just a short flight from the UK too!

1 ~ Trolltunga

There are no words for this iconic piece of rock overhanging the stunning Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway. I find fjords so beautiful but this one in particular I have to see! Trolltunga has amazed me for years and it will remain at the very top of my bucket list until I one day see it for myself.

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