The embroidery trend!

Embroidery detailing is absolutely everywhere this spring! It’s hard to walk into a high street shop and not see something embroidered onto every bag, jacket, shoe or pair of jeans. I’ve slightly fallen for it and these items make great statement pieces. Here’s how I’ve incorporated this flowery trend into my wardrobe. The majority of the items here can be found at Topshop.
I absolutely love this design with the blossom pattern running down the outer seam of both legs. The loose ‘mom’ fit of these jeans make them a comfy choice too.

The Cross Stitch Jamie

These really are a spring staple. I’ve had quite a few people asking where these are from – yes Topshop 🙂 They are the latest item I’ve bought and I love them! The cross stitch floral design runs down the leg and onto the shin and it really adds something different to your usual plain, black pair of skinny jeans. The classic hugging fit of the Topshop Jamie Jean makes them a great addition to any outfit, either dressed up or down.

The back detailing embroidered onto this white shirt is beautiful; turning your average white shirt into something more. The side slits also make it a slightly more quirky design and I love it!

Many embroidery patterns can be simply bought as badges and either sewn or ironed on, to spice up an old jacket, bag or pair of jeans. I bought this pink flower badge and sewed it onto an old Levi denim jacket. I got this particular badge from Topshop but have since discovered the hundreds of different options available on Depop and in vintage shops, for much cheaper too! If you don’t feel like spending the money on an embroidered jacket or pair of jeans, this is a much cheaper alternative and you get to pick the design and create something original!

I LOVE these bralettes. These particular two are from Primark and Tezenis but you can pretty much find them anywhere. They look great as a ‘wear to be seen’ item under a mesh top too!

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