Interrail Tips

Top Tips For Planning an Interrail Trip..

Budapest – Hungary

Location Location– When planning an Interrail trip, be sure to think before hand what type of experience you want to have. Whether its beaches, cathedrals, clubs, or a mixture of everything, it’s worth doing a small amount of research to figure out which cities will be right for you! This also starts to  give you an idea of how much spending money you will need to take.

Berliner Dom – Berlin

Mix it up – I’d  recommend alternating between busy city stops and laid back beach time. This way your trip is always changing and something new is constantly round the corner. Trying to fit in every tourist attraction each city has to offer can be tiring (but fun), so relaxing on a beach in between is always great.

Split – Croatia

Boat Trips – YES! It’s always a difficult decision whether or not to spend a large amount of money on a boat trip. I say go for it! Even if it means saving that little bit extra before you leave. I did a day-long boat trip in Croatia, exploring different islands, lagoons and caves (they also provided lunch ). It set me back around €90 which is a lot, especially when you’re getting used to budgeting, but worth every penny! By far one of the best days of the trip!!

Schönbrunn Palace – Vienna

WALK! – I always try to use public transport in every new country I go to .. its a great way to see a city in its natural state. However, avoid jumping on the tube at every opportunity. While you’re away, you really have the time to explore, so take the time to walk between places .. you’ll see soooo much more!


Accommodation – You’d think hostels are always your cheapest bet, and most of the time this is the case. However it varies from city to city. Be sure to check on airbnb (especially if you’re travelling in a group). It can often work out cheaper and you often end up with a quirky apartment which is always a plus! 🙂

Lake Bled – Slovenia

Take a risk – Go somewhere you didn’t think you wanted to go. Every experience is different so try stepping out of your comfort zone and trying somewhere completely new. You never know it could turn out to be the best part of your trip! Don’t be afraid to be a little spontaneous, as long as you have your Interrail pass you can just get on the train and go!

Krka National Park – Croatia

Krka! – If I had to recommend just one destination as a must see it would be Krka. Beauty doesn’t begin to describe this place! It is 100% worth the hour and a half mini-van ride inland from Split. A wooden walkway weaves through the forest above a complex network of crystal clear streams, to a water fall which is at least four levels! You can then swim in the amazing fresh water at the foot of the waterfall, and hike through the Park.. definitely a highlight!

Prague Castle – Prague

Book it! – If you’re thinking of going Interrailing this summer my advise would be, just do it! You’re guaranteed to have an amazing time, its relatively cheap and so so easy to do ..perfect for first time travelers! Every city is different so it’s a great trip to plan with a group of friends (or solo), with something to suit everyone! Enjoy 🙂


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