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Photography: Sofia Petrou

Of course there are tonnes of great food places in Amsterdam, but sadly on a short trip, there’s only time to try a few. So, here’s some favourite foods from our recent trip to the City.


De Hallen – Food Court

This is sort of similar to London’s Dinerama, except unlike Street Feast, it’s open all year round. Located among the chic boutique stores of De Hallen, this is one of my favourite food spots in the city. With loads of different food stalls from vegan salad bowls to gourmet bacon cheese dogs, there’s something to suit everyone.  I’ve been to this place before and to be honest I was mainly coming back for the Korean fried chicken stall which doesn’t seem to be there anymore. But there are still plenty of options – making it very hard to decide as everything looks so good!

‘Healthy Tacos’ and temaki at De Hallen

I love temaki! But this has to be one of the best ones I’ve tried so far (tempura and wasabi). The best thing about this kind of place is you can eat all your favourite cuisines at the same time – yes this makes me very happy!


The Sky Lounge

This was definitely a highlight of the trip. If you’re looking to treat yourself, The Sky Lounge, located at the edge of the city, is the perfect place to go for awesome views, and even better food! We had a such beautiful evening watching the sun set over the city (and eating amazing food, of course).

You can’t book a table here as they like to make it a casual experience for customers, so you just rock up and seat yourself (no hostess service either). I love the relaxed style of this restaurant, it creates a really friendly and laid-back atmosphere. A lot of bars or restaurants like this can be a bit pretentious but this place has a very casual vibe which makes it even better! By the way the Asian style prawns and fudge brownie cheesecake are so good!

We arrived fairly late in the evening to catch the sunset and it didn’t disappoint – the view was incredible. Dinner also can be eaten outside in the leafy roof garden, 11 stories above the city.


Its seems like nearly every other street in the City has a fresh juice bar (the health kick trend is taking over). However, these can be super expensive – especially if it’s “cold pressed”. But for a slightly less pricey option, a chain of cafes called ‘Bagel and Beans’ did really good fresh juices (and they sell avocado bagels too, so what more could you want). They also do a really creamy ice coffee that tastes sooo good (even if it’s super bad for you)!

Carrot and mango juices at ‘Bagel and Beans’

Street Food

We passed tonnes of food stalls while walking around the city, however I only tried this one. Near to the Van Gogh museum and the Vondelpark (and among the swarms of people), there’s a small parade of food stalls selling your typical burgers and sandwiches etc, for the tourists . But I cant fault it; this is a pretty good hot dog and not too pricey either. The queue for this stall – ‘Food Crib’ – was long, but purely because they’re selling some pretty tasty food!

‘Food Crib’ hot dog with crispy onions

If only we were here longer, there would be time to try more of the great food Amsterdam has to offer! But I’m sure I’ll be back soon enough. Next up … what we did in Amsterdam.

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