Amsterdam: a short trip

We all end up with tonnes of pictures wasting space on our phones, laptops and cameras. Particularly over the last year, I’ve accumulated hundreds of photos from trips abroad. So, to avoid adding to the collection of wasted pictures and forgotten memories, I’m aiming to create a sort of travel diary for each place I visit (if it’s interesting enough). I wish I’d started a year ago and made more of a documentation of my previous travels as they were some of the best moments! But anyway, here’s what we got up to in a short trip to Amsterdam a few weeks ago.

Whatever your interest, whether it’s dainty Dutch architecture, endless canals, nightlife or just legal drugs, there’s something for everyone in this infamous city.

We were located in the Eastern Docklands, just a 10 minute tram ride from the centre. Each room had a juliette balcony overlooking the waterways and harbour area. I feel like the docklands are an area you wouldn’t normally visit as a tourist but it’s actually a beautiful place to stay, and the city is easily accessible.

This area is mainly residential, with quirky modern apartment buildings and waterfront walkways.

The Sex Museum

This is probably one of the most touristy things you can do in the city (besides going to a coffee shop or visiting Anne Frank’s house). I wasn’t expecting much but I was surprised with both the size and content of this museum!

For only  €5, and half an hours entertainment, it’s definitely worth a visit. There are around 5 or 6 rooms of exhibitions, as well as some incredible artwork and artefacts including erotic photography collections dating back to the 1800s.  It is just a bit of fun to attract the tourists, but more than the rip off you’d expect. The museum is also open till 11.30pm, so you can avoid the crowds by heading there late.

By sundown, the streets of Amsterdam come alive with people looking to experience the famous red light district

   De Hallen

Probably one of the most aesthetic places I’ve ever been to. This chic centre of boutiques, offices and workshops is the perfect place to come and browse or windowshop. This is also the location of one of my favourite food spots in the city (click here for Amsterdam Eats).

De Hallen really emphasises the modern chic style of the city.

Whenever someone goes to Amsterdam they end up with a picture straddling this iconic sign. However I really wasn’t sure where it was. We came across it while looking for the entrance to the Vondelpark. It’s just outide the Van Gogh museum (which was fully booked), so note to self, book before hand.

I’m not sure what these sculptures were but I love the interaction of classic architecture and modern abstract sculpture, similar to the Parasol in Seville.

I’m currently in Bali with about a million pictires to share of this stunning country.. so stay tuned for more!

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